So I’ve done a post before regarding making yogurt in my instant pot! I thought it was easy… but easy is relative to what you know… clearly! After making this cold start recipe… my original recipe is difficult and a real pain in the booty!

This one is soooo simple!


  • Fairlife whole milk (1/2 gallon) DO NOT USE REGULAR MILK FOR THIS METHOD, it must be an ultra-pasteurized milk!
  • Culture starter ( I always keep a couple tablespoons of my last yogurt batch and freeze, but I originally started by using Fage plain yogurt)
  • Instantpot with yogurt setting
  • Nut milk strainer bag (I’m sure there is other ways to strain but this is what I have… click here to find it on amazon)


  1. Poor the fairlife whole milk into the instantpot while it’s cold from the fridge!
  2. Add in your yogurt starter (about 2tbsp) and stir it into the milk
  3. You can add a step here is you want to add vanilla extract or flavoring… I don’t!
  4. Put the lid on your instantpot and seal!
  5. Push yogurt setting until it says 8 hours and make sure it is set to normal adjustment.
  6. Let it incubate for 8 hours (the longer you incubate… the more tart your yogurt)
  7. Once 8 hours has completed… don’t stir your yogurt, but gently ladle it out into a strainer! I use the nut milk bag. I sit it inside my colander placed over my internal pot of my instant pot!
  8. Place in fridge over night to strain!
  9. The next morning I scoop the yogurt into jars!
  10. I jazz them up with Berry’s, chia, and such at the time I want to eat them!

The whey… I still haven’t figured out what to do with it, so I feed it to my chickens! 😍