Well I must confess… I can’t really call this a recipe! Doesn’t there have to be at least two ingredients for it to be considered one! I’m not sure the rule on that, but I do know this is one that isn’t leaving my kitchen!!

Since on this lifestyle, I try to stay away from peanuts… so cashews have become a staple in my kitchen! They are a great source of healthy fat and contain many nutritional benefits!

One thing I love on fruits and veggies is Cashew Butter! Until today… WINCO fresh ground cashew butter has been my go to… I get to say good-bye to WINCO!! Well at-least for cashew butter!

Here’s the “recipe”

Homemade Cashew Butter

  • 4 cups of cashews
  • Food processor

1. Place all 4 cups of cashews in the food processor…. turn it on! 😘

Okay there is a little more work than that… but not much! Cashews, and I think most nuts, go through phases while transitioning to this golden butter! First, they become a chopped consistency! When you keep going, they then become a clumpy “dry” consistency! This might be the part where you think to yourself, “What was I thinking?” Advice… don’t think, just keep pushing forward!! Patience is all you will need here!

As the cashews start to clump and climb up the food processor bowl, just stop the processor, open the bowl and push the clumpy dry nuts back down! During this phase, make sure your processor doesn’t over heat! Let it rest if you think it’s getting warm!

Soon your cashews will release their oil and that’s when the amazing transformation happens… it goes from a dry clumpy consistency to a creamy nut butter!!