I love making Greek yogurt in my instapot! We pretty much make it every two weeks! It’s heavenly and I’m not a Greek yogurt fan, but this stuff is amazing!!

  • Instant pot
  • Mesh strainer or nut milk bag
  • Thermometer
  • Gallon of milk
  • 2tbsp Yogurt starter (Fage yogurt)
  1. Add milk to instant pot – I used just a normal gallon of whole milk.

2. Put lid on and Click the yogurt button and then the adjust button to where it says boil!

It will beep, check temp… you want to get it up to 181 degrees F!

3. Once it’s hit 181, pull the pot out of your instant pot and put it on a cooling rack so the temp will drop… get the temp down to 110 degrees!

4. Once it has hit 110… take 1 cup of your warm milk out, add 2 Tbsp of yogurt starter (Fage plain Greek yogurt is what I use). Mix this up well and then add to your main pot and stir!! Then place pot back into your instant pot, cover, and click yogurt button until it says 8 hours! The longer you let it incubate the more tart your yogurt will be is what I hear!

5. Once 8 hours has passed! Pull all yogurt out and strain it in a mesh strainer… I use a nut milk bag but most people use a mesh strainer!

6. Once the yogurt has strained to the consistency you like… separate into jars or put into a container and refrigerate!

To eat I add chia seeds, strawberrys, and Waldon farms sugar free strawberry syrup!

My kids add honey and fruit!!