As many of you know I started this side of the blog (kitchen side) because I was bound and determined to lose weight! I started this to help keep me on track and to document recipes as I build my new go to meals! I haven’t focused so much on my weight loss while taking on this lifestyle… I will in the future so you all can know where I came from! But today this post is written for all my Rebel friends out there:

Today I scheduled an appointment with… MY CLOSET!

I have been preparing for this day my whole adult life! What I call the FINAL CLOSET CLEAN-OUT! This appointment lasted two hours and was full of highs and lows! I had many conversations with myself and I had to talk myself out of keeping some clothes, because although it’s AMAZING to be this size, my clothes have memories attached and throwing them out feels a touch sad!!

The toughest conversations were around my summer clothes!

I had this thought so many times… “What if you’re in this size when summer hits?”

I refused to listen… I continued to try on every piece and decided if it doesn’t fit now it NEVER will again!! I remember the video Cari did about cleaning out your closet and I had to reference it’s memory many times!!

I have some awesome summer dresses in the back of my closet that I always told myself… “Someday, I’ll fit into those!” (They still have tags on them).

I saved them to try on last so that I could end this FINAL CLOSET CLEAN OUT with happiness. “Someday” has now become today.

Although it was emotional to clean out the closet one final time… it’s worth it, we are worth it, and I’m NEVER going back!

I truly can’t wait till all of you hit maintenance… I was terrified to quite tracking but this last month has been the best month of my adult life!! I have more confidence in myself than ever and I am not a slave to “what’s for dinner!!!” It’s liberating… and so is knowing I have done my FINAL CLOSET CLEAN-OUT!!

Cheers to all of you getting to that amazing dress you have in the back of the closet… keep pushing and you will be living in that dress soon!!