I’m here because I’m taking on a healthier lifestyle for myself and my family! As many of you know I’ve gained and lost weight many times! I want to learn how to make this a lifestyle for myself and my family so that once I lose my weight again…it won’t come back… it’s got to be a lifestyle not a diet and this is the last time I’m losing this extra weight!!

With that I want to bring the recipes and tips and tricks I’m learning in the kitchen to you, as I learn them!  It may be very simple things I’m eating in our kitchen but it will help me keep track of the things I’m creating in our house to keep us on the healthy track!

I have started the codered lifestyle and hope you enjoy the recipes I’m creating!!

If you are interested in learning about this lifestyle please visit Cristy Code Red on Facebook or on her website….

http://www.coderedlifestyle.com and tell her I referred you!